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My name is Julia Oblomii and I have 10+ years' experience as a translator and an international project manager.

About me
Two higher educations:
1) translator and teacher of English and Spanish,
2) economist-business manager.
I have an excellent experience of cooperation with international companies and people from different countries.
In short:
Over 30
international companies that I work with
11 years
Experience as a translator in various fields
30 000
Number of translations
  • Maria
    I've been cooperating with Julia for several years. I am pleased with the quality and speed of her translations. For a long time of cooperation, I can say that Julia knows her job, the quality of her translations proves the professionalism of the highest level!
  • Elena
    For a long time, I've ordered translation from different freelancers. Translation, in general, was executed, but every time there were some kind of problems, sometimes overdue dates, then we discussed costs of translation for a long time and every time I lost hours on these little things! That's not about Julia! Working with her everything is clear and on time!
  • Andrey
    My team participates in competitions in different countries and it often happens so that during one or two hours new instructions in English come. We don't have time for translation, but we have to play! Thanks to Julia for her prompt translations, she often helps us in such difficult situations. Thank you so much!
Service Price
* The page is equal to 1800 characters.

A double price applies for urgent orders.
A translation deadline depends on the volume of the text. I can translate on any day of the week. You can apply for a translation at any time, and I will promptly provide you with a deadline and price of the translation.
Translating documents, I keep the provided information confidential.

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