Girls succeed: My story
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Julia @translator_juliaoblomii
    In 2010, I graduated from the Faculty of Romano-Germanic Philology of the Rostov State University.

    After the second year of studies I lived and studied for a month in Alicante, Spain.

    We did not have internships at the university, but I really wanted to start working. So after the 4th year of studies I went to an unpaid internship at the helicopter plant «Rostvertol», where I worked using two foreign languages: English and Spanish.

    In 2010, I took a course in socio-political translation in Spanish. After graduating from the University, I immediately decided to get a second high education, but now economic. And in September when I just entered the University, I received a long-waited offer of internship at the UNO. At the beginning of November, I was in Vienna, where I worked in the UNIDO division for the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. The main business of our department was to help and support these countries. My direct supervisor was a great man from Mexico. I often had to do translations from English to Spanish and vice versa. We also participated in the preparation of the big meeting in Costa Rica, prepared presentations, conducted economic assessments of various data. My responsibilities included the functions of an economist, translator, designer and project manager.

    Upon returning to Russia, I immediately started working as an English-Spanish-Russian translator.

    By October 2011, I got a job in a branch of a big Russian group of companies "Yug Rusi", and in March 2012 started working as a personal assistant of the owner of this group of companies, who is a demanding businessman: he has achieved great success and has been included in the Russian Forbes list more than once.
    I worked in this group of companies for 7 years: there were a lot of complex, super active, interesting tasks. As part of my work, there were business trips to London, Berlin, Geneva, Abu Dhabi, Madagascar, Singapore. I had to work very hard, but I liked it.

    The most interesting thing is that together with my main office work (which never ended when I left the office), I have always been involved in translations on a variety of topics for agencies, where I was a freelance translator.

    2 years ago I realized that I had "grown" out of my office life and decided to start my personal business. At that moment, I already had a diverse translation experience, regular customers and, most importantly, a great reputation in my translation circles. I always translate documents ahead of deadline, with good style and without errors. During these 2 years, I have never regretted my decision, since I do my favorite thing and do not depend on the office routine.

    Therefore, when 2 years ago I became a freelance professional, I had a diverse translation experience, regular customers and, most importantly, a great reputation. I always translate documents ahead of schedule, with good style and without errors.